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    Reviving Bedroom Décor for Summer

    Longer days and warmer weather have many homeowners longing to rid their homes of heavy winter décor. A few simple changes can create a bedroom ready for summer.

    Summer is most certainly on everyone’s minds as the temperatures rise and dreary winter days fade away. The heavy colours and textures of the colder months can make a room feel oppressive during the warmer months. Making a few affordable changes or even buying floor to ceiling wardrobes customised to your requirementsduring the spring will bring a breath of warm, breezy, fresh air to any bedroom.

    Creating a Summer Bed

    The bed is the most important element of any bedroom; making small changes to its look will instantly update the mood of the room. Many people add extra layers to the bed during the winter, both for warmth and for the lush look that the wool throws and handmade quilts impart to the room. Removing these additional layers of bedding will bring a sigh of relief to the entire room.

    While a down comforter can be used for year-round comfort, the duvet cover may need a little freshening up. The heavy, dark duvet cover can be removed and exchanged for a lightweight cotton or linen duvet cover. Or, the comforter can be removed completely, and traded for a lightweight quilt or coverlet.

    Sheets should be natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton or bamboo. These fibres breathe and wick away moisture, keeping the bed’s occupants cooler on those hot summer evenings. Bedding that contains polyester or other synthetic fibres should be avoided, as they will keep heat in and make the homeowners uncomfortable in humid weather.

    The colour of the bedding also impacts the ambiance of the room. Exchanging dark colours and heavy textures for crisp linens in lighter hues is a quick way to change the feel of the bedroom on a budget. Some homeowners change their bedding seasonally, by selecting two or more sets of linens that work with the same colour scheme.

    Just a few decorative pillows in fun, decorative patterns add the right finishing touch. Pillows with wood beads, bamboo, woven grasses and embroidery will add a summery, beach feel to the bedding ensemble. If the style of the bed allows it, removing the bed skirt will also lighten the feel of the bedroom.

    Lighten Up the Windows

    While heavy, velvet drapes are cosy in January, they can become overbearing in July. Removing those heavy panels and replacing them with gauzy, sheer drapery panels will lighten up the windows. The hardware can remain in place, while the existing panels can be easily replaced with the new panels. Because of the ease of changing window treatments, some homeowners opt to change them seasonally.

    If curtains or draperies are not required for privacy, they can be removed altogether during the summer months. Using a removable drapery rod system will make this transition easier, allowing the rods to be taken down and reinstalled without the use of any tools. A shade or blind can provide privacy and light control, and the removal of the fabric at the windows will change the look of the room considerably. Or, drapery panels can be replaced with a simple valance at the top of the window for a fresh look.

    Opening the windows whenever possible brings such freshness to the space. After a long, cold winter the refreshing breezes of spring and summer will chase the last remnants of musty winter air out of the room.

    Summer Accessories

    Heavy wool area rugs offer welcome warmth to wood and tile floors in the winter. During the warmer months, however, they may feel stuffy and stifling. Removing them from the floors during the summer instantly refreshes a space.

    The summer months are also a perfect time to change the artwork on the walls. This seasonal change offers homeowners a chance to rotate a large art collection, showing off paintings and photographs with warm weather themes when temperatures rise.

    Fresh flowers cut from the garden bring a touch of the outdoors inside. A green plant or two will breathe life into a stale space, as well as cleaning the air in the room.

    Homeowners should consider rotating existing accessories within the room, and even exchanging them with pieces from other rooms in the home. With no financial expense, the bedroom will feel fresh and new. For a small investment, adding a few new accessories in bright tropical tones will brighten dark corners.

    Summer is a time for relaxed evenings with friends, time outdoors with family and quiet mornings. A few simple and inexpensive changes to bedroom décor will make this space as welcome as summer itself.

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