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    Window Blinds Over Curtains

    The Advantages of Window Blinds Over Curtains

    A lot of decisions need to be made when decorating a new room, or giving an old room a makeover. One of the most important choices when it comes to the room’s overall look is which type of window coverings to use. This can be an overwhelming decision with the vast array of options out there. Shuttershade blinds Bridgend have an excellent selection.

    Window blinds provide a wide range of benefits that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but more versatile than curtains. One of the most obvious and useful advantages to having blinds installed in the home is the ability to control the amount of natural light in the room. With curtains, they generally need to be pulled open or closed, and possibly adjusted throughout the day as the sun moves. With blinds, you have a lot more control, twisting a rod to control precisely how much sunlight comes into the room.

    This control also has the added benefit of providing extra privacy. The curved blind slats still allow light to enter the room while blocking the view from outside. With curtains, if they can’t see in, it means you can’t see out of your dark room.

    Blinds are also much easier to maintain. While curtains can be cleaned, this also means that they must be taken down to be dry cleaned, or at least washed and ironed before rehanging, which is costly and labour intensive, especially if you have curtains in every room. In the case of blinds, cleaning is easy, regardless of which blind materials you choose. Whether made of metal, wood, vinyl, or PVC, a regular wiping or dusting leaves them looking good as new. In the case of metal or wooden blinds, especially, they can even last a lifetime and won’t need to be changed unless you make the decision to change the look of your blinds.

    Speaking of blind materials, there is a wide variety to choose from, depending on the style of your space. Window treatments made of wood can add an attractive and natural feel to a room, complimenting any existing wooden decor. Faux wood can provide the same look, while being more cost effective. If you prefer a bit of colour, plastic blinds, aluminium blinds, and several other materials to choose from ensure that you can find the appropriate blinds for every room in your home. It is possible to find curtains suitable for each room as well, though this can be much more expensive. Curtains require a lot of fabric, and for a good quality fabric, that can mean a rather high price tag.

    Window blinds are a practical and popular option as they are not only fashionable, but much more affordable than curtains. Blinds offer an easily maintained, cost effective option that is versatile and comes in a myriad of options. By choosing blinds, you’re sure to find the right window treatment that suits your personal needs and ties the whole the room together beautifully.