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    Independent living retirement communities

    Worth Its Weight In Gold

    There comes a time when the older folks need a place to live. A place to live that meets their health and wellness needs. Independent living retirement communities are just that. When you as the adult child realize that mom and dad are not the same as they used to be and that they need some assistance and stability in their lives, retirement communities meet that need. They offer the place and the resources that your aging parents need.

    Independent living is something that comes first. So, your mom and dad are not well suited in their home anymore. They are empty nesters and they have a bit too much house for two people. They have too much stuff for two people. Too much yard and too many stairs for two aging people is that they are currently in. When it comes time to downsize, that is when change happens. Independent living is still a good fit for them as they are active and living a healthy lifestyle. As signs start to show or their health slowly deteriorates, then that is when it is an opportune time to transition. Have end of life conversations with them while they are still alive. Have talks about their will and their funeral preferences. Ask them to put it in writing, like into a will. This will make life much more easy as time goes on. Knowing what they want and honoring what they want will be much more easy.

    Should your aging parents take a turn in their health–either physically or mentally–there are health care services that can meet those new needs. Let’s face it, we are all bound to die someday. For some it might be slow and drawn out, for others it can be sudden like with a heart attack. Having a good support system with a good foundation is worth its weight in gold! Should you need memory care for Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other memory care type of need, then begin that conversation now with the health care providers so that down the road it is not a new topic. Definitely have the conversation if memory illness runs in your family. This will be like troubleshooting, or being prepared should something relatively expected come along. Look into the retirement communities in your area or the ones closest to family. Making these decisions are not always easy, but surely having the right information is a great first step.