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    Composite decking

    Easyclean legacy composite decking repels mould, spillages, and more

    Composite decking is the new way of decorating homes and offices, and it is by far a cheaper option compared to real wood. Decking is also a practical solution for those who are looking to sell their homes as it helps to increase the value of the home. Deck designs have also become diverse and you can choose what you like for your home. There are several colours and textures that you can buy depending on where you want the decks installed. EasyClean Legacy decks are designed and made to offer a smooth area for working.

    Protective sleeve
    EasyClean Legacy decks are made with the worries of the buyer in mind. It is apparent that most decks are destroyed by scratches whenever heavy and rough objects rub against the decks. This is not a worry anymore since the EasyClean Legacy decks are simply made to offer a solid solution that will ensure homeowners enjoy the beauty longer. EasyClean Legacy decks are top quality composite decking boards, and are scratch resistant and have a coating layer that prevents the penetration of any dirt, something that helps the decks to stay free from stains.

    Natural look
    Everyone wants to have that natural look within their compound, and this is exactly what EasyClean Legacy decks are out to offer. The decks mimic the grain arrangement of natural wood, so you would not easily realize they are composite decks. The surface is also furnished perfectly to offer that shiny appearance and the quality is good to ensure the surface retains a sparkling appearance longer.

    Flexible with little maintenance requirement
    It is a big relief to realize that EasyClean Legacy do not require frequent maintenance once installed. The material quality is premium and will last longer, retaining its pristine appearance regardless of the weathers. Natural wood wears out after a period of time, but EasyClean Legacy has been designed to ensure this period is prolonged as much as possible. Therefore, you can spend years before replacing the decks because the surface remains intact even after heavy tasks are performed on it.

    The fact that EasyClean Legacy decks are slip resistant allows one to comfortably walk around them. The decks are also neutral to heating and cold, so you can walk on the surface during any kind of weather and you will not notice any effect. You can even lie on the surface and you will be assured of the comfort you would like to achieve.

    Easy installation
    Unlike wood decks, EasyClean Legacy composite decks are easy to install. You can use hidden fasteners and there is ample room to conceal them for a smooth surface. This makes EasyClean Legacy a perfect solution for someone on a budget as there are not many processes involved in the preparation of the decks before installation.

    25 years warranty
    Due to the assurance of quality that makes EasyClean Legacy, you are given 25 years warranty for your home installation and 10 years warranty for commercial installations. This confirms the quality range offered by the EasyClean Legacy decks.

    Composite decking provides a traditional aesthetic with modern conveniences

    Whether you’re considering building a do-it-yourself deck or hiring a contractor, one of the first decisions you are likely to face is to figure out which material to use. Choosing the right decking will give you peace of mind for years to come so it is important to do your research carefully. Since every type of decking has its own advantages, it can be quite frustration to decide which material is best for you. Take a look at the following comparisons between different types of decking materials to see why more homeowners are favouring composite decking.

    Which type of decking has aesthetic values?
    When composite decking first came on the market back in the 80s, they had a plastic-like appearance, which most homeowners didn’t like. But since new techniques have been developed by manufacturers, this type of decking now resembles natural wood, minus the maintenance. It also comes in a wealth of traditional colours from dark brown to smoked oak and walnut on spruce. Composite provides traditional aesthetics with modern conveniences, hence the reason most homeowners are opting for this decking material.

    What about moisture?
    You can find high-performance composite boards that contain wooden particles in plastic. This allows them to resist water absorption and protect against humidity, without rotting or warping like wood. Pressure cleaning your deck once every so often will also prevent mildew or mould from damaging the boards. As composite decking eliminates the need for regular sealing, staining, or painting, it can save the homeowner time on deck maintenance.

    For termite protection, which decking is the best?
    No termite treatment is required for composite decking as it’s made of plastic and inedible by insects. Wood, on the other hand, must be treated on a regular basis in order to protect it from termites and other insects. However, even with the strongest wood treatments, it can still be susceptible to woodworm.

    Making a decision in buying the right decking
    If all the above advantages of composite decking still haven’t convinced you, how about the 90 per cent return investment you could benefit from upon selling your home. If the initial investment in these boards is putting you off buying, you should bear in mind that you won’t be spending money on maintenance costs year after year. What’s more, most of the manufacturers of these decks are so confident about their product that they stand behind it and offer 25-year warranty.

    To know more about the advantages of composite decking over wood, take the time to read the online guides that are provided by reputable manufacturers. These should help you further with your decision.